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Villa in Zagaleta

Exclusive Buildings in an exclusive ambience

Zagaleta is a generously invested, 900-hectare private residential arrangement near the known and very popular resort Marbella. The residential arrangement lies at the foot of the mountain range of Ronda, so you can enjoy a fantastic view at the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains from your villa in Zagaleta. To be seen are also the strait of Gibraltar and the wide golf course which belongs to the arrangement. The villa in Zagaleta lies at an unique natural landscape and offers Mediterranean atmosphere, luxury, and rest.
The inhabitants of the villas in Zagaleta can count on the fact that they can enjoy a high degree of comfort, security and privacy. Beside the already mentioned golf course, pools and gardens belong to the residential arrangement alongside with numerous other facilities, which are accessible only to the own watchmen and their members as well as the guests. From your villa in Zagaleta you have a direct access to the beach, are close to Marbella and the charming Old Town. One great advantage of Zagaleta is a year-round outlook at Gibraltar and north coast of Africa.

Nature, Animals, Sport and many services for your stay

The residential arrangement with villas and smart single-family dwellings offers exclusivity, rest, privacy and villas with the highest grade of equipment. You live in the midst of a breathtaking nature and can enjoy the sea from your garden or terrace. The exclusive location makes the purchase of a villa in Zagaleta very attractive. It should also be mentioned that numerous animals like roe deer, deer and mouflon inhabit the big properties. The properties and houses offer a lot of luxury and exclusive living to the people, worth mentioning that the nature remains in the focus and is protected. The animals have freedom and space and the building measures affect flora and fauna of the region as slightly as possible.
The houses of the residential arrangement, like your villa in Zagaleta, represent a modern architecture which unites elements of the Andalusian culture, marble, antique elements and modern technology. Traditional interior arrangement, air-conditioning, under-floor heating, pool and a unique garden form a harmonious combination of modern age, high tech and consciousness of tradition. The arrangement in which your villa in Zagaleta is situated offers restaurants, shops, billiards and a big party room as well as an exclusive club house. All this is available only to the inhabitants, owners of a villa in Zagaleta and their guests. Thus golf, walking, horse riding and other sports activities are also an option. Staff as cleansing forces, riding instructors and other services are available to you for your villa in Zagaleta.